Conscious Consumerism

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to only possess the essential basics and the pieces you really love? Wouldn’t life be much easier if you could find everything you’re looking for without having to think where you saw it last? During my 23 years on our beautiful earth I’ve gathered so much stuff (mostly clothes of course). Now it has come to the point that I radically want to start clearing out everything I own. Over the past year I’ve hardly bought any new clothes because I know there’s a bunch hanging in my closet. And if I go about it creatively I can put together elegant and stylish outfits with what I have. I only want to buy new or second hand pieces that I really need or absolutely adore.

Conscious consumerism Sive Cauwenberghs-2

That’s why it’s time to set a new rule for myself: when I buy something new at least three things I own need to go. Depending on what those pieces are I can decide to sell them, give them away to a friend or family member, put them aside for a swapping party, donate them to charity or turn them into an upcycling project. By doing this my closet will stop overflowing and I will regain oversight and peace of mind. Clearing everything out step by step won’t feel as big a burden as when I would do it all at once. This good habit will also make me think really carefully about buying something new as I know I’ll have to part with at least three things I already own if I do purchase something.

I’m very excited about working towards a less is more lifestyle and sharing my journey. A smidgen of creativity can bring you a long way especially when it comes to tweaking the clothes you already own.

Conscious consumerism Sive Cauwenberghs-1

I’ll keep you posted on my decluttering project!

x Sive



Project: roaring twenties fashion shoot

As some of you know already: I’m a big photography fan and an enthusiastic amateur. Mostly I’m into urban photography as I live in the city of Antwerp for the moment (I just moved back here from Amsterdam) but I also enjoy making portraits and capturing awe striking landscapes during my travels or just while doing my Sunday afternoon walks through the fields here in Belgium.

Whilst I was abroad last year studying in England I followed Advanced Fashion Photography at Southampton Solent University. I organised an entire shoot by myself and made a fashion story I’m very proud of. Luckily a good friend of mine was so kind to assist me with all the heavy lights and equipment.

The location of the shoot was The Chilworth Manor Hotel just outside of Southampton. It was the perfect décor for my Jazz Age shoot because it was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century with a mix of Regency and Victorian style architecture. The beautiful garden was the icing on this flapper cake.

I had the honour to have Diana Valentinova as my gorgeous model. The way she can evoke this deeply pensive and slightly sad look is absolutely stunning. The roll of a twentieth century upper-class woman with a certain edge fitted her perfectly. All of the clothing and accessories used in the shoot were either vintage, second hand or borrowed from friends. As an inspiration I researched work of the best (fashion) photographers of the twentieth century: Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Jacques Henri Lartrigue, Helmut Newton, Peter Lindberg, Irving Penn, Mario Testino…

Hope you enjoy my pictures!